Conservatives values and opinion are under attack like never before. Massive election fraud overturned the true will of the people. Now, Big Tech, Big Media, and Corporations are using their monopolies to silence the voices of anyone who disagrees with them! Our Voices will be heard! We have to power of our dollar to tell these businesses and organizations that we will not allow them to strip us of our First Amendment rights and that We deserve the right to be heard. Our Voices Matter!

Our goal is to get our membership to 10 Million patriots willing to boycott any an all organizations that are trying to silence our voice. We’ll be posting news on the organizations and companies that are working to silence your voice and make our recommendations on boycotts. Twitter and Facebook have lost a total of over 51 Billion dollars since the banning of President Trump. If we take a stand together we can financially cripple these organizations that are will to take our First Amendment rights away.

You money is funding their monopoly and you can take away their power just as easily as you’ve given it to them. Stop using their service, stop buying their product and stop supporting their agenda! Join with us! Together we can change this!